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Media For Transformation Advocacy

MTA is Media and communications, human rights defender, making a contribution towards global efforts to move international community at the highest level on the need to ensure the effective safety and security of human rights defenders (HRDs) and Journalists in compliance with international obligations and commitments.

About Us

Media for Transformative Advocacy (MTA) is a Uganda based Development Communication institution established in 2010 and got legally registered in 2019 with a driving motivation to provide interventions to the gaps in the field of transformation of communities using Communication, Media and Advocacy.

MTA has evolved in its operation having started as a local community-based Initiative in the name of Community Media Initiatives. MTA found a need to start up an intervention which could be a platform where Communication, Advocacy and Media can be used to transform communities while holding government to account.

“Communication for Transformation”

highlights the visibility of the multimedia.

  • Publicly available international, regional and national legal resources in relation to human rights and media,
  • Mapping and reporting digital rights and online freedom of expression in the region of the media and communication practioners.
  • Shade light on Governance, rule of law, accountability, transparency issues in both public and private sector in the region.

Activities and projects


Pro bono legal services

Peace Building and conflict through Peace communication

Gender and Inclusiveness

MTA Media Academy and, Communications.

MTA is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Services.

Dedicated to offer media platform for researching, gathering, analyzing, and communicating all relevant public information on the activities of different human rights defenders’, journalist’s protection, and Governance issues in Karamoja and Teso region of Uganda.  

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